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About Custom Built Furniture

I have been building furniture and cabinetry for over thirty years as a hobby and have always wanted to be able to make a living doing what I enjoy. I build each piece in a small but well equipped shop ideally suited for doing “One Off” custom furniture, not a huge production environment.

At Spokane by Design I make it easy for your creation to come to life. I will build exactly the custom piece you’ve got in mind, giving you the freedom of knowing that your design is in good hands. Whether you want to build a new desk for your office, new cabinetry for your kitchen or a completely new and unique piece.

I partner with you at every step along the way in order to deliver exactly what you are imagining. I love what I do. And I love working with designers and customers who appreciate finely crafted furniture. Just imagine what we can create together. Each piece of furniture I design and build, each beautiful detail I craft, is derived from years of experience and my commitment to delivering functional and beautiful pieces of furniture and cabinetry. Let me help you with your next unique application and allow me to bring your vision to life.

Recommendations and Testimonials

We love our custom crafted hickory entertainment center!We are in awe of Jim's craftsmanship, his skills, his attention to detail, his professionalism, and the amazing way in which he personalized our new piece of furniture! For example, Jim took care to match the wood grain of the "calico hickory" on the entertainment center to the timber posts in our media room. That was a pleasant and unexpected surprise!Jim Kearns is not just an incredible artist; he is a caring and passionate craftsman! He has taken "custom crafting" to a new dimension. Jim will find a way to accommodate whatever your project demands in a timely fashion!

Geri and Gerry Rein

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